Omnilux LED Light Treatments as seen on A Current Affair and used by Kerri-Anne Kennerley

January 16th, 2018

Omnilux light therapy was originally developed as a non surgical and painless way to rejuvenate the skin. Its popularity is due to the fast treatment times (20 minutes per session) as well as there being no downtime so no one will even know you are having treatments on your skin apart from looking fabulous.

Omnilux LED can be used as a standalone treatment or can be used to speed the skins healing and increase the benefits when used in conjunction with other treatments such as IPL Photorejuvenation or microdermabrasion.

There are multiple uses for these light based treatments: The Omnilux Revive Red Light rejuvenates and improves skin tone, fine lines and skin hydration whilst the Omnilux Blue Light targets acne, pimples and breakouts.

Image by Laser has been doing Omnilux treatments for many years and was one of the first clinics to introduce this technology when it came to Australia.

Great skin can be yours using the powerful benefits of Omnilux light therapy as seen on A Current Affair.

Things to Consider Before Starting Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

January 14th, 2018

A new job, changing tastes or simply looking for some space for a new tattoo are all valid reasons to undergo tattoo removal. Before starting treatments it is important to note that not all lasers are created equal. There are vast differences in the way lasers work and the wavelength used will determine what they can (and can’t!) treat. 

Black tattoos are usually the easiest to remove, but in some cases black ink can be made up of several different colours or have an underlying shade which can make it more challenging than first thought. This is usually only noticed after a few treatments once it starts fading or lightening. Coloured tattoos can be harder to treat as different colours will require different wavelengths to effectively target and remove the ink.

Most lasers in use for tattoo removal only utilise one wavelength and aim to remove all the different colours. After several treatments with a single wavelength it is common for this method to stop working as some colours lighten and other more stubborn colours remain.

The Conbio Medlite C6 is one of the few tattoo removal lasers on the market which uses multiple wavelengths to remove all tattoo inks from the skin by specifically targeting different colours. This means it continues to work throughout your series of laser tattoo removal treatments. In fact we have had several clients who have started elsewhere then came to us after the laser treatment they were having stopped working.

By doing your research prior to starting laser tattoo removal treatments you will ensure that you get the best result when you decide to remove a tattoo.

Image by Laser offers a free consultation for all our treatments and we are happy to answer any questions you may have so you feel comfortable when starting treatments with us.


Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane

How to choose a laser hair removal clinic that meets your needs

January 2nd, 2018

When undertaking laser hair removal for the first time it can often be difficult to decide which clinic to have the treatments at. With many new places cropping up claiming to be the best, it is important to look at several factors before committing to start treatments.
Price is often the biggest consideration but it is important to look at other criteria such as licensing and qualifications, how long the laser clinic has been in business and the type of equipment they use.

To start with, let’s look at prices. Many laser hair removal clinics are currently offering voucher deals at very low cost which at first glance seems too good to be true. The sad fact is it often is. The large volume of vouchers sold often means they will be booked out for months and will be unable to fit you in. A lot of businesses also go under due to the lack of steady income after the voucher promotion and leave many unsatisfied customers in their wake.

Price is usually a good indicator of the technology they use as the true medical grade lasers will be a much bigger financial outlay then an IPL machine that the local beauty salon uses, which is reflected in the end result. The more effective the technology, the less treatments are usually required.
Look for places that offer laser hair removal package deals as this can be a way to save money without compromising on quality and results. Most packages will include a discount or free treatments which makes it much more affordable.

Licensing and qualifications is also very important to consider. Making sure they have the correct licenses for the technology on display can be very reassuring.
As a licensed laser hair removal operator they will have had to undertake many hours of supervised training, theoretical studies and a laser safety officer test to qualify. This will mean you get a safer treatment and ultimately better results as they will be more experienced in performing the treatments on many different skin and hair types.

It is good to check how long the laser hair removal business has been around. Chances are if they are a long standing company they have proven their ability to keep their customers happy and are well established within the marketplace. If they are only relatively new it’s harder to determine if the business is stable and if they will be around to see you through the whole course of laser hair removal treatments.

Make sure you consider all these points equally before starting laser hair removal treatments. That way you can be assured of the quality, safety and effectiveness of the treatments and achieve the best results possible.

How to Banish Ingown Hairs with Laser Hair Removal

December 28th, 2017

For many, the changing of the seasons and the warmer weather can evoke happiness, while for others it instills dread as they have to once again tackle hair removal in preparation for the beach.

Though most people will continue to remove hair during the cooler months, as the summer comes the frequency of having to de-fuzz the skin increase, often aggravating side effects such as ingrown hairs, shaving rash and irritation. These side effects can make the area look unsightly, feel sore and in the case of severe ingrown hairs can lead to scarring.

Hair normally grows through the skin and causes no problems but in some cases it curves back under the surface causing irritation, redness and sometimes infection as the body tries to remove the ‘foreign object’.

But fear not, there is a solution for ingrown hairs called laser hair removal. Known by several different names including permanent hair reduction or laser hair removal this technology is rapidly growing in popularity as people discover just how effective it can be.

Laser selectively targets the colour found in hair follicles called melanin so it will be effective at treating both normal follicles and those that have ingrown hairs. Hairs in the active stage of growth will be destroyed and less hair will return with each treatment, making it a great long term hair removal option.

Instead of putting up with unsightly hair, bumps and rashes try laser hair removal to remove the hair and keep your skin looking clear and smooth this summer.

A Special Offer To Get Your Skin Looking Its Best For Summer

December 22nd, 2017

With summer fast approaching and the silly season just around the corner, it pays to have your skin in tip top shape for any social events or Christmas parties that you may have coming up.

Whether you suffer from clogging or breakouts, dryness or dullness, pigmentation or redness there is a treatment that is designed to rid you of these imperfections and leave you with clear and healthy skin. Some of the many services we offer to treat stubborn skin conditions include IPL Photorejuvenation, Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Omnilux Blue, Omnilux Revive, Microdermabrasion, Herbal Aktiv Peel and facial therapies.

Some skin conditions can be improved simply by changing your skin care routine and selecting skin care products which are appropriate for your skin type. This includes make-up and sunscreens which are common offenders when it comes to clogging the skin, so choosing the correct one for your skin type is vital.

Image by Laser offer a free skin analysis and consultation by one of our fully qualified staff who can discuss your skin concerns and recommend products or treatments that are designed to get you maximum results in the minimum amount of time. To help you get your skin looking great, for the month of November we are offering 20% off all skin services when you mention this blog post. Conditions Apply

Please call 1300 146 243 to arrange an appointment for your free consultation.

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Preventing and Treating Sun Damage on the Skin

December 20th, 2017

Sun damage is one of the biggest contributing factors to premature ageing on the skin and manifests itself in the form of excess or uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles from the breakdown of collagen and textural changes such as roughness from depleted moisture levels. You only have to compare the outer arm to the inner arm to see the difference that daily sun exposure can make to your skin.IPL Photorejuveantion Treatment

There are several treatments that can improve the effects of sun damage on the skin:

  • Fractional Skin Resurfacing is an innovative new treatment that has all the benefits of laser resurfacing without the downtime. Greatly improves skin texture and tone and evens out skin discolouration.
  • IPL Photorejuvenation aims to remove and reduce uneven pigmentation, redness and capillaries and stimulates collagen which helps to improve the texture of the skin.
  • Certain peels such as a Glycolic Peel or the Herbal Aktiv Peel can help normalise the distribution of melanin or brown pigment in the skin and refine and smooth the skin.

It is important to protect the skin as much as possible from the harmful effects of the sun by avoiding being out in it between 10 am to 3pm when the ultraviolet radiation is at its highest. Regularly applying a broad spectrum high protection sunscreen, covering up exposed skin with clothing and a hat and wearing sunglasses are also important measures that will reduce skin ageing due to sun damage.

Prevention is far better than cure when it comes to the sun. Not only can the sun leave your skin looking less than its best but prolonged exposure over years especially in fair skinned individuals can lead to sun spots or even skin cancers.

You don’t have to live with patchy, pigmented or sun damaged skin anymore. Image by Laser offers a free 10 minute skin consultation where we can do a thorough analysis, discuss any skin concerns you have and recommend the best product or treatment to suit your needs. Please call for an appointment on 1300 146 243 or contact us.

Is your smile holding you back? Teeth Whitening treatments will give you back the confidence you deserve

December 18th, 2017

Teeth Whitening is a simple yet effective treatment designed to remove built up stains and discolouration from teeth.

Yellowed and dull teeth are often caused by tea, coffee and tobacco/nicotine as well as the natural ageing process and is a source of embarrassment and concern for many.

Most people have tried over the counter treatments that are designed for teeth whitening that unfortunately have very low active ingredients and therefore produce little or no results, leading to frustration and disappointment.  Whitening toothpastes can be good to maintain teeth once professionally whitened but are no match for heavy discolouration or yellowing.

The answer to stained teeth is a professional teeth whitening treatment using a powerful light source. The light activates the whitening gel and rapidly brightens and removes stains from the tooth surfaces, allowing you to see results in a short period of time.

So why not call for a free consultation today and see just how great your smile can really be. Image by Laser New Farm, Aspley and Sunshine Coast – 1300 146 243

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening treatments will help you attain whiter, brighter teeth and a beautiful smile