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A Special Offer To Get Your Skin Looking Its Best For Summer

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

With summer fast approaching and the silly season just around the corner, it pays to have your skin in tip top shape for any social events or Christmas parties that you may have coming up.

Whether you suffer from clogging or breakouts, dryness or dullness, pigmentation or redness there is a treatment that is designed to rid you of these imperfections and leave you with clear and healthy skin. Some of the many services we offer to treat stubborn skin conditions include IPL Photorejuvenation, Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Omnilux Blue, Omnilux Revive, Microdermabrasion, Herbal Aktiv Peel and facial therapies.

Some skin conditions can be improved simply by changing your skin care routine and selecting skin care products which are appropriate for your skin type. This includes make-up and sunscreens which are common offenders when it comes to clogging the skin, so choosing the correct one for your skin type is vital.

Image by Laser offer a free skin analysis and consultation by one of our fully qualified staff who can discuss your skin concerns and recommend products or treatments that are designed to get you maximum results in the minimum amount of time. To help you get your skin looking great, for the month of November we are offering 20% off all skin services when you mention this blog post. Conditions Apply

Please call 1300 146 243 to arrange an appointment for your free consultation.

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Is your smile holding you back? Teeth Whitening treatments will give you back the confidence you deserve

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Teeth Whitening is a simple yet effective treatment designed to remove built up stains and discolouration from teeth.

Yellowed and dull teeth are often caused by tea, coffee and tobacco/nicotine as well as the natural ageing process and is a source of embarrassment and concern for many.

Most people have tried over the counter treatments that are designed for teeth whitening that unfortunately have very low active ingredients and therefore produce little or no results, leading to frustration and disappointment.  Whitening toothpastes can be good to maintain teeth once professionally whitened but are no match for heavy discolouration or yellowing.

The answer to stained teeth is a professional teeth whitening treatment using a powerful light source. The light activates the whitening gel and rapidly brightens and removes stains from the tooth surfaces, allowing you to see results in a short period of time.

So why not call for a free consultation today and see just how great your smile can really be. Image by Laser New Farm, Aspley and Sunshine Coast – 1300 146 243

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening treatments will help you attain whiter, brighter teeth and a beautiful smile