Quantum IPL Facts

QUANTUM IPL™ Photo Rejuvenation

There are several points to be aware of before you decide to proceed with Photo Rejuvenation treatments. Most importantly is the quality of Intense Pulsed Light equipment that will be used in your treatment. There are many different brands of machine and the quality and effectiveness varies dramatically. Not everyone will tell you this, and many practitioners hide behind the principle of "let the buyer beware".

We carried out our own extensive research before purchasing the Lumenis Quantum IPL and after seeing the results, we’re convinced we made the right choice. To help you make your own informed decision, we’re going to outline what we’re able to offer, what to look for and what questions to ask before you go ahead with any treatments that could help or harm your skin.

Qualifications & Experience
You can rest assured with us as all of our operators are fully qualified and have many years’ experience and training. We are knowledgable about the skin, how it responds and when not to treat someone or if another treatment may be more suitable. We specialise in laser and light based treatments and we perform numerous IPL treatments every day.  Why trust your skin to any less?

Safety Protocols
At Image by Laser we spend extra time at the start of every Photorejuvenation treatment making sure there are no contraindications as well as finding a new energy level for your skin in order to get you the results you're after without compromising on safety. Skin changes regularly due to aging, sun exposure and hormones and this often effects the way we treat your skin with IPL. Clinics that forgo this step are more likely to have unwanted client reactions or lack of results. A detailed aftercare sheet is provided for you so you know what you should and shouldn't do after a treatment.

Treatment Price
The old saying is most certainly true: you get what you pay for. The Lumenis technology is very expensive and this is directly reflected in the treatment price. However, the results are outstanding. You’ll need even fewer treatments to get the same results which means even greater value for money. 

We invite you to contact us to arrange a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. This will allow us to assess your skin concerns, provide you with an indication of the results that you can expect, and discuss treatment prices. We’re confident that if you decide to have your treatments with us you will be impressed by our professionalism and delighted with the end result.