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Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

Q. How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?
Laser Tattoo Removal works by directing laser energy at the tattoo which passes through the upper layers of skin and selectively targets the colour in the ink. The laser breaks the ink up into small fragments which the body then removes gradually over several weeks.

Q. Can I have just part of my tattoo removed?
Yes. As our laser forms a small beam we can selectively remove parts of tattoos such as an ex-partners name or another small area such as a misspelled word or flawed design.

Q. I want it gone now. Can I come back sooner than the recommended interval?
It takes time for the body to remove the ink particles so if you come back any sooner you wouldn’t be getting the same result than if you were to wait the correct timeframe. We recommend at least 6 weekly intervals between treatments with our laser as we know this will get you the best end result.

Q. How much does it cost?
Prices are given on a consultation basis. We tailor our prices to suit each persons needs. As no two tattoos are the same, there is not a one size fits all price. Please call for an obligation free consultation.

Q. Does it hurt?
Everyone feels pain differently so it will depend on your pain individual threshold. We use a Zimmer machine that blows cold air onto the area and this creates a numbing effect. The laser delivers the pulses of energy raidly so it is over and done with very quickly.

Q. Can I have permanent makeup / cosmetics removed?
No. As cosmetic tattooing uses a different ink it can sometimes react differently including turning darker or black. Once this darkening effect occurs it is practically impossible to remove. Our advice is make sure you see someone very qualified and are sure you can live with it forever before you get any permanent makeup done!

Q. I've had my tattoo treated before at another clinic / with another laser - can you still treat it?
Yes we can. In fact if you’re not happy with your results from another tattoo laser we suggest you try ours! Our Medlite C6 is a powerful Q-switched ND:YAG and is more effective on black and coloured inks than any other laser out there. By using multiple wavelengths we can selectively target stubborn colours and thus achieve a better end result.