Omnilux Blue Light Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q. What causes acne and breakouts?
In most cases acne begins when you reach puberty; the body releases varying amounts of hormones such as testosterone (present in both males and females), which in turn stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce an oily substance which is known as Sebum. Sebum and dead cells combine and cause clogging to occur in the pores of the skin. When this occurs the natural skin bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes) thrives, and the pore becomes red and inflamed as your bodies tries to combat the infection – the end result is pimples or breakouts.

Q. What is Omnilux Blue Acne LED Treatments, and how does they work?
Omnilux Blue LED Acne Phototherapy is a light source that emits light at a particular wavelength. This light, made up of Light Emitting Diodes, or LED’s, is specifically tuned to activate the porypyrins that naturally occur in the acne causing bacteria P.acnes, killing the bacteria while stimulating the cells that assist in the bodies healing process.

Q. Does it hurt?
Omnilux Blue LED Acne Treatments are pain free and safe, as the blue light does not produce heat and will not damage the skin. The light source doesn't even need to touch the skin, yet is powerful enough to effect the bacteria within the follicles.

Q. Is there any preparation before treatments?
When coming in for your Blue Light treatment sessions, it is important that your skin should be totally clean of any makeup or sunscreen. This will allow the  light to penetrate to the P.acnes beneath, providing you with a better result, more quickly.

Q. How effective is Omnilux Blue Light against acne?
Results will vary with some people seeing a complete clearance of the pimples; although on average patients should expect an average of 73% clearance of acne breakouts, with maximum results in about 4-12 weeks from the completion of the treatments.

Q. How do I care for my skin at home?
Image by Laser will provide an after care sheet full of advice on hygiene and instructions on how to use Glymed Plus properly at home to achieve the best result. Small measures such as regularly changing pillowcases and not picking your skin can all help you to remain pimple free.

Q. What about my acne scarring?

Acne scarring is made up of a network of fine capillaries and unorganized collagen fibres. Omnilux Blue Light treatments primarily works on the bacteria in active acne lesions. However, we do offer IPL photo rejuvenation which is very successful at treating acne scarring.