Professional Skin Care Products
Professional Skin Care Products
Professional Skin Care Products

Professional Skin Care Products

Glymed Plus offers products containing AHA glycolic acid, salicylic acid and numerous other active ingredients which have been shown to significantly improve the appearance of:

  • Acne Scarring/oily and acne prone skin
  • Surface Pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Premature ageing/sun damage
  • Dry Dull dehydrated skin
  • Rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis

Serious Action Acne Management Skincare System by Glymed Plus

Image by Laser support the highly advanced Omnilux Blue LED Phototherapy alongside an equally effective range of skincare.

To achieve the ultimate in treatment success Image by Laser recommend you compliment your treatment with Glymed Plus advanced skincare. A home use skincare pack has been designed specifically for you. It contains the following:

Sal – X Purifying Cleanser: Specialised blend of salicylic acid, green tea and aloe vera to thoroughly clean the skin of acne causing debris including oil, dirt and make-up, while leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Skin Gel: This weightless, 100% water based, oil free medication refines acne prone skin and helps prevent breakouts. Salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids penetrate the pore to combat acne bacteria at its source.

Everyday Face Sunscreen: A light non-oily sunscreen with a matt finish that is perfect for skins prone to breakouts or acne. Non clogging formula for everyday use.

Image by Laser recommends only professional skin care products alongside our specialised treatments. We offer a free skin consultation with one of our qualified staff so you can be sure you are using the right products for your skin type.

Dr Spiller

Feel the difference great skin care can make with Dr Spiller’s formulations, designed to offer long lasting hydration, effective delivery of active ingredients and skin soothing formulations. These lipid based skin products are light textured yet offer long lasting hydration by working with the barrier function of the skin to protect the acid mantle and balance the ph. Containing natural ingredients, Dr Spiller Biocosmetics utilise vitamins, peptides and antioxidants to fight premature aging and dehydration.
Dr Spiller skincare will gently restore your skin back to its healthy youthful glow.

Glymed Plus

Glymed Plus is a professional only recommended product which targets ageing, acne, dryness and dullness by utilizing AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids) alongside many other advanced cosmetic ingredients. These active ingredients gently remove the build-up of dead skin cells and aim to normalize the skin’s exfoliation rate thus restoring a healthy, younger looking skin. Glymed Plus offers several different strength products suitable for sensitive skins right up to advanced skin care users so everyone can achieve their best skin ever.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup – (Aspley and Maroochydore stores)

Jane Iredale is a mineral makeup like no other – it’s long lasting formulations have an incredibly light texture yet offer adjustable coverage, from light to full. It contains no clogging ingredients or artificial colours, is oil free and hypo allergenic so it won’t irritate or react with your skin. This makes it the perfect choice to use after an advanced skin treatment where the skin may be red and irritated for several days or weeks after a procedure. Jane Iredale contains SPF 20+ and will keep your skin looking good all day long all the while resisting running or creasing like traditional makeup. There are several different bases offered from a pressed or a loose powder to a liquid formulation. A wide range of colours are available which allows your exact shade to be matched to your skin tone so your people see your natural beauty and not your makeup.

Young Blood Mineral Make-up – ( New Farm store)

Young blood is a well known mineral based make-up that has a wide range of colour choices to suit both warm and cool skin tones. It doesn’t clog the skin, is fast to apply and has a very natural and long lasting finish. Young Blood contains pharmaceutical grade minerals and isn’t tested on animals. For great looking skin mineral make-up is the first choice, for everyday use as well as post treatment when the skin may be sensitive and have a tendency to redness.

Let Image by Laser design a targeted program for your skins specific needs, phone your nearest IBL Clinic for a free consultation.